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Pronunciation:   "gospel song" in a sentence
  • gospel:    n. 1.福音;【基督教】 〔G-〕 ...
  • song:    n. 1.歌,声乐,唱歌。 2.歌曲 ...
  • best gospel song:    年度最佳福音歌曲; 最佳灵乐歌曲
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  1. It ' s a gospel song
  2. His latest album of gospel songs is his way of giving praise and honor to god for his love and grace
  3. They made available kinds of popular music heard previously only limited geographical areas or by specific ethnic and social groups ? especially the blues , gospel songs , and jazz of african americans and the traditional music of the southern appalachian mountains and other rural areas of the southern and western united states

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