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Pronunciation:   "get the picture" in a sentence   "get the picture" meaning
  • 了解某事
  • 明白某种情形
  • 我说的话你明白了吧
  • get:    vt. (got; 〔美、古〕 go ...
  • picture:    n. 1.画,图画。 2.画像;照片 ...
  • did you get the picture:    你明白了没有; 偶最喜欢的一句话
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  1. They got the pictures down .
  2. I get the picture -- you two want to be left alone together .
  3. It took him two seconds to get the picture .
  4. Pay for the cab ? . are you getting the picture ?
  5. Dante : okay lady , i get the picture now

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