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  • 布特勒
  • 杰拉德巴特勒
  • 杰拉德・巴特勒/杰瑞德・巴特勒
  • gerard:    n. 杰勒德〔姓氏,男子名〕。
  • butler:    n. 巴特勒〔姓氏〕。
  • butler:    n. 1.管事,男管家;(主管酒饭的 ...
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  1. Gerard butler s quiet masculinity proves quite a hoot as the mysterious stranger
  2. The phantom of the opera tells the story of a disfigured musical genius gerard butler who haunts the catacombs beneath the paris opera house , waging . .
  3. Tabloids and several web sites reported last week that brosnan , 48 , was to be replaced by little known scottish actor gerard butler
    多家小报和数个网站上周报道说, 48岁的布鲁斯南在007电影中的主角位置将被不太出名的苏格兰演员杰拉德-布特勒代替。
  4. Now , it is up to lara croft to find the infamous box before it falls into the hands of a maniacal nobel prize - winning scientist hinds , whose plan is to use it for mass annihilation
    奥斯卡奖得主安芝莲娜袍莉angelina jolie ,获金球奖提名djimon hounsou及gerard butler主演这一次罗拉要挑战前所未有的体能考验。
  5. Released in 2005 , this canadian art film was made in iceland , starred scottish actor gerard butler as beowulf , and was directed by sturla gunnarsson , a canadian descendant of vikings

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