george michael meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "george michael" in a sentence
  • 乔治迈可
  • 佐治米高
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  1. My teenage daughter has got a crush on the singer george michael
  2. Because george michael is a pimp who is all about the ladies , my friend
  3. The same applies to george michael at wembley , or the chelsea flower show , or the men ' s final at wimbledon
  4. " we are having a reception when we come home with a george michael tribute act , but on our wedding day in cuba we just want to be ourselves .
    “回家后我们将举行一场招待会,届时还会有老歌星乔治?迈克尔的演出助兴。但是在古巴,婚礼当天我们只想做自己。 ”

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