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  1. If they do break , apply some gentian violet solution
  2. Studies on botanical origin of chinese herb gentian and its textual research
  3. Gentian stimulates the appetite , improves circulation , and can help prevent heartburn
  4. This highly popular , german liqueur is made from an infusion of 56 herbs , roots , fruits and gentian
  5. Law of coloring of change orchid family name , can be bacterial cent two kinds big : use method of this kind of coloring , it is to use gentian to catch a bug first , all bacteria caught purple , besmear again next with iodic fluid , will strengthen the tie of dye and bacterium body , the alcohol of 95 comes to reoccupy decolour 20 30 seconds , some bacteria not by decolour , still withhold purple , some bacteria are become by decolour colorless , reoccupy answer is red finally answer catch 1 minute , the result already was caught by the bacterium of decolour cheng gong is lubricious , not the bacterium of decolour still keeps purple , no longer chromatic , such , every is caught purple bacterium calls bacterium of positive of change orchid family name ; ran chenggong calls bacterium of negative of change orchid family name lubriciously
    革兰氏染色法,能够把细菌分为两大类:采用这种染色方法,是先用龙胆紫来染病菌,所有细菌都染成了紫色,然后再涂以碘液,来加强染料与菌体的结合,再用95的酒精来脱色20 30秒钟,有些细菌不被脱色,仍保留紫色,有些细菌被脱色变成无色,最后再用复红复染1分钟,结果已被脱色的细菌被染成红色,未脱色的细菌仍然保持紫色,不再着色,这样,凡被染成紫色的细菌称为革兰氏阳性菌;染成红色的称为革兰氏阴性菌。

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