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  1. Bassoon : michael garza
  2. Then , a forklift lifted him onto a truck and the 41 - year - old rode through the streets of san nicolas de los garza , a monterrey suburb
    之后,起重机又将乌里韦搬运到畅棚货车上, 41岁的乌里韦就这样穿过大街兜兜风。
  3. Julian javier garza , rethinking corporate governance : the role of minority shareholders - comparative study , st . mary ‘ s law journal , 2000
    冯果、艾传涛: 《控制股东诚信义务及民事责任制度研究》 ,载王保树主编《商事法论集》第6卷,法律出版社2002年版,第65页。

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