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  1. Here is the new galen online , welcome you extremely the presence
  2. What oppressed group of people does galen tyrol stand up for in " dirty hands "
  3. Time period of galen , whose work influenced the medical community for 1500 years . galen worked on a theory of personalities , and was the first to classify emotions
  4. Several eights are part of a group of humanoid cylons blown up on new caprica by a bomb planted by [ [ samuel anders ] ] and [ [ galen tyrol ] ] as they approach a group of centurions exiting from a heavy raider which has just landed
    几个捌号复制体连同其他几个人形赛昂在接近多个走出刚刚降落在新?卡布里卡上的突袭机的赛昂武士时,被[ [塞缪尔?安德斯] ]和[ [盖伦?蒂罗尔] ]安放的炸弹炸死。
  5. The western rare collection mainly contains western language books published before 1900 including clavdii galeni per gameni ars medica , quae et ars parva by galen ( 1549 ) , authentic account of an embassy from the king of great britain to the emperor of china by sir george staunton ( 1798 ) , la chine et les chinois by escayrac de lauture ( 1877 ) , etc
    西文善本包括二十世纪前出版的外文书籍,如1549年出版之clavdiigalenipergameniarsmedica , quaeetarsparva , 1798年出版之名著《英使谒见乾隆纪实》 , 1877年出版之

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