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Pronunciation:   "further investigations of" in a sentence
  • 进一步研究
  • further:    adj. 1.〔表示距离和时间〕更远 ...
  • investigation:    n. 1.研究,调查;审查。 2.研 ...
  • further on:    再向前
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  1. A further investigation of the factors related to middle school students ' achievement
  2. Thus , this animal model is suitable for further investigation of airway hyper - senstitvity in human beings
  3. Further investigations of methods for increasing accuracy and decreasing computational time are necessary
  4. On the other hand , this situation induced immense efforts in the further investigation of immunotherapy ' s mechanisms of action
  5. We undertake a further investigation of rank one preserver problems studied by jeremy , bell , a . r . sourour , marcus and moyls etc
    这项工作是在jeremy与bell , a . r . sourour与marcusmoyls等人的研究基础上进行的。

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