further include meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "further include" in a sentence
  • further:    adj. 1.〔表示距离和时间〕更远 ...
  • include:    vt. (opp. exclude) ...
  • include…in:    把…列在…里面
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  1. They ' ve hit six or seven homesteads so far including this one
  2. The 59 victims so far include an elephant , dromedaries , monkeys and porcupines
  3. The fastening tool further includes a coil feeder ( 720 ) assembly having an indexing pawl ( 722 )
  4. His works published so far include selected choir works of lu zaiyi ( i & ii ) , and also a record album selected works of lu zaiyi
    出版有《陆在易合唱作品选》 (上、下两册)及《陆在易音乐作品选》专辑唱片等。
  5. Sponsors committed to supporting the event this year so far include cesl asia , menzies macau airport services , coca cola

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