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  • 【动物;动物学】大蝙蝠亚目〔如:狐蝠〕。
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  1. Now that the dursleys knew they weren ' t going to wake up as fruit bats , he had lost his only weapon
  2. Among the highlights are huge monitor lizards , galapagos turtles , naked mole rats , fruit bats and spiders
  3. Of the 21 local species two are fruit bats , one is a piscivore fish - eating and the remainder are insectivorous
  4. Impacts on the locally rare lesser club - footed bat and short - nosed fruit bat have not been fully addressed either . wbased on the above , we find the subject eia report failing to meet the requirements of the eiao tm and respectfully request the director of environmental protection to consider disapproving the captioned eia report

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