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  1. Whispers claim that udinese have offered ? 5m for samp ' s share and doriahave bid around ? 4 . 5m for the friuli outfit ' s half
  2. Free giuliana . the teams are on the pitch at the friuli stadium , with an appeal for the liberation of the iraq hostgae before kick - off
    乱七八糟~ ~ ~在开球前还要先搞一个什么解放伊拉克的申明~ ~ ~谁想出来的?
  3. Rumours of a liverani swoop gathered pace after serse cosmi , who worked with the playmaker at perugia , took charge of the stadio friuli side
  4. His future can now be decided after the resolution of his co - ownership status between sampdoria and udinese went in favour of the friuli outfit
  5. The striker , widely regarded as the friuli outfit ' s best player , was frozen out of the squad on the eve of wednesday ' s game against the turin giants

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