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  1. Disease of mammary gland hyperplasia is a kind of common disease , frequently - occurring disease
  2. Diabetes mellitus is a common and frequently - occurring disease , which seriously menaces the healthy of the human beings
  3. The school should offer essential hygiene condition , perfect hygiene system , active prevention and cure learns unripe common disease , frequently - occurring disease and contagion
  4. Some common ailments and frequently - occurring diseases that threaten female health have effectively been prevented or put under control . every year close to 40 million women receive preventive health checks
  5. But adopt differentiate by outpatient service and be in hospital as a whole of fund and individual account pay limits , should notice at 2 o ' clock : it is individual account must execute socialization management , use at defray of individual medical treatment truly and cannot change to show or be used at defray of other blame medical treatment ; 2 it is to plan as a whole the disbursement of fund limits cannot absolute limit is in charge of medical treatment of be in hospital , overweight to cost of medical treatment of responsibility of individual of patient of frequently - occurring disease of a few outpatient service , chronic , also should give appropriately take care of ; otherwise the burden that account of individual of this part worker pays medical treatment fee will be very heavy , can bring about worker ailment to be raised greatly , outpatient service squeezes be in hospital

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