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Pronunciation:   "fraps" in a sentence
  • 这里有
  • frap:    vt. (用绳索等)捆牢,收紧。


  1. Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching frap
  2. Sense : being absorbed as soon as being spreaded , it can frap the skin to be elasticity and smooth as silk
  3. Efficacy : high efficiency of fraping , anti - wrinkles and moisturizing . activate the scarfskin cells so to strengthen the immunity of the skin
  4. Multi - nutrition essence can effectively heighten the cell vitality , meanwhile frap flab , improve skin and muscle ageing , decrease the furrow to come into being
  5. Efficacy : innovation elasticity essence of anti - wrinkle and eye fraping with double efficacy , quick frap and shape the skin around the eyes , strengthen the skin collagen fibre and anti - oxidation , amend the aging skin and re - shape the young condition of the eye skin

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