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占卜饼〔一种夹层饼,其中夹有写着预言吉凶祸福或格言等的小纸片〕。fortune Fortune 500《财富》500强〔指美国Fortune杂志每年评出的全球最大的500家企业〕。
  • fortune:    n. 1.运气;幸运;命运。 2.财 ...
  • cookie:    n. 1.〔苏格兰语〕甜面包;〔美国 ...
  • the fortune cookie:    扭计师爷; 签饼
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  1. - it ' s not spicy enough - where is your fortune cookie
  2. Okay , not to get all fortune cookie on you . .
    好了,我也不想教你太多. .
  3. Okay , not to get all fortune cookie on you
  4. What does it say in your fortune cookie
  5. About as much faith as i put in horoscopes , fortune cookies

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