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  • 锻造生产线
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  1. The forging line in the forging designt produces all kinds of fine and smooth iron craftworks and fittings
  2. Press manufactured for auto parts and components forging line of jiangsu hongbao group forging co . , ltd . by our company
  3. J53 - 1600c model , j53 - 1000b model and j53 - 630a model press equipments manufactured for forging line of wendeng weili top grade tools co . , ltd . by our company - the largest tool manufacturing base in asia
    我公司生产的j53 - 1600c型j53 - 1000b型j53 - 630a型压力机装备在文登威力高档工具有限公司锻造生产线亚洲最大的工具生产基地

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