for oneself meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "for oneself" in a sentence
  • 独自, 独力地
  • 独自地
  • 为自己
  • 自己亲自干……
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  • oneself:    pron. 1.〔反身用法〕自己,自 ...
  • be oneself:    处于正常状态, 显得自然, 显得真诚 ...
  • by oneself:    单独, 独自; 单独,独自; 单独, ...
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  1. There are some things one can't do for oneself .
  2. One cannot do such a thing for oneself .
  3. There are some things one can 't do for oneself ...
  4. In criminal law appropriation or taking for oneself what one is not entitled to do is criminal .
  5. It is hard to say , but i am sure one of the purposes is to construct a good philosophy for oneself .

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