for a space meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "for a space" in a sentence
  • 在一段时间
  • space:    n. 1.空间;太空。 2.空隙,空 ...
  • be on space:    投稿为生
  • in space:    片刻就, 一会儿就; 宇宙中; 在空 ...
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  1. For a space there was a lull in the achehjohore struggle .
  2. He peered ahead for a space in the line of parked cars .
  3. For a space of time that seemed to her as long as she had been upon the earth, she sat huddled over the cold stove .
  4. This road is bad for a space of ten miles
  5. Dynamically equivalent manipulator for a space manipulator

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