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  1. And sure , more be token , the lout i m told was in power s after , the blender s , round in cope street going home footless in a cab five times in the week after drinking his way through all the samples in the bloody establishment
  2. 1 ) the analyse of mei - yu front structure there is stable mei - yu front along the middle and lower reaches of yangtze river during the mei - yu period in 1999 . the temperature contrast in the low level of mei - yu front almost disappeared , which existed only in the upper level . so the mei - yu front is " footless " from the temperature field
    得到的基本结果如下: 1 )梅雨锋结构的分析1999年梅雨期间,在长江中下游维持着稳定的梅雨锋,梅雨锋在低层的温度对比几乎消失,只存在于对流层中上层,因此从温度常看梅雨锋是一种“无脚锋” ,在对流层中上层具有上宽下窄的梅雨锋机构。

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