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  • 黏着斑
  • focal:    adj. 1.【物理学】焦点的,(集 ...
  • adhesion:    n. 1.黏附,附着,胶着。 2.黏 ...
  • adhesions:    粘连,粘着物
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  1. Adhesion plaque focal adhesion , focal contact
  2. The correlation between expression of focal adhesion kinase and vascular endothelial growth factor in human rectal carcinoma
  3. Inhibition of focal adhesion kinase induces the anoikis of cardiac fibroblasts with rna interference technique
  4. Focal adhesion kinase tyrosine phosphorylation promotes rat hepatic fibrogenesis and its possible mechanism
  5. Differences of focal adhesion kinase signaling events between keloid and peri - keloid normal skin fibroblasts

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