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(flew flown )
1.飞 (about away forth off out), 飞行;驾驶飞机,坐飞机旅行。
2.飞跑;(时间等)飞逝;飞散,碎,(门)突然打开;突然…起来;〔古语〕突击,扑向 (at on, upon)。
  • fly a:    飞修正角转弯进场着陆
  • fly at:    higher game; 飞向,扑; ...
  • fly by:    时间飞逝; (一架或几架飞机)在低空 ...
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  1. We flew coach from denver to new york .
  2. The delegation flew from london to new york .
  3. Two of the wolves flew upon the guide .
  4. Rosy evening clouds and lone ducks fly together ...

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