flash forward meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "flash forward" in a sentence
  • 闪进
  • flash:    vt. 1.使闪光,使闪烁;反照,反 ...
  • forward:    adv. 1.向前,前进 (opp. ...
  • flash-forward:    (小说、电影等)提前叙述未来事件。


  1. Flash forward to 2000 , though , and the city was filled with nostalgia - themed venues that recast the treaty - port era as an exciting warm - up to shanghai ' s resurgence as a global city in an era of increased engagement with the west
    时光飞逝,到了2000年,事情又发生了变化,这时上海正在为再度成为一个全球都市而开始激动人心的热身赛,这个城市的各种场地,又充满了怀旧主题, “条约口岸的世纪”的价值被重新评价,成为了一个中国增加与西方接触的时代。

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