finance and banking meaning in Chinese

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  • 财政金融
  • 金融和银行
  • 金融及银行学
  • 金融学
  • finance:    n. 1.财政,金融,财政学。 2. ...
  • banking:    n. 银行业;银行学;金融。
  • banking and finance:    银行和金融; 银行金融类词汇; 银行 ...
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  1. Assistance in handling of trade finance and bank loan
  2. Source : almanac of china ' s finance and banking and the people ' s bank of china
    资料来源: 《中国金融年鉴》及中国人民银行。
  3. The transplacement problem of medium and small - sized enterprises ' financing and bank loans
  4. The inspiration of the foreign developing policies of finance and banking to the western development of china
  5. Obviously that the competition and cooperation in the retail finance and banking sector will be aggravated

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