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  • 第四节
  • final:    adj. 最终的,最后的,终极的;结 ...
  • quarter:    n. 1.四分之一。 ★3/4通常不 ...
  • quarter final:    次复赛的


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  1. The final quarter will be spent on facilities and infrastructure
    最后25 %将花在设施和基础设备上。
  2. They lost it on the defensive end , during the nets ' 35 - point third quarter and 30 - point final quarter
  3. Having declined for four consecutive quarters , private investment spending rebounded slightly in the final quarter of 2002
  4. The opening hours of the resource centre was reviewed and extended in the final quarter of 2000 . opening days were increased from four to six a week
  5. So iraq is , potentially , a triple problem for mr bush as his presidency moves into its final quarter

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