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  • adj.
    (fewer; fewest)
    1.〔无冠词 a (否定用法)〕少数的,很少,几乎没有 (opp. many) 〔cf. little〕。
    2.〔a few (肯定用法)〕有些,几个(opp. none) 〔 cf. a little〕。
  • a few:    (表示肯定)一些;几个; (表示肯定 ...
  • a few of:    几个
  • few or no:    几乎没有
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  1. He lined out a few songs upon request .
  2. For a few minutes she was almost overcome .
  3. She read a few lines and dropped the volume .
  4. A few moments later andrey joined her .
  5. Restrictions were many, distractions were few .

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