feeling blue meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "feeling blue" in a sentence
  • 感到无精打采
  • feeling:    n. 1.感触,感觉;知觉。 2.〔 ...
  • blue:    adj. 1.青,蓝,蓝色的,天蓝色 ...
  • blue feeling:    湛蓝的情丝
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  1. John felt blue when he reread sally's letters .
  2. A person can feel blue and down-in-the-dumps and during the same period have the most pleasant dreams .
  3. He feels blue today . his car was stolen
    他今天感觉很忧郁(心情不好) 。他的车被偷了。
  4. What s a matter babe , are you feeling blue
  5. Billy : because i am sad and feeling blue

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