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  • 费阿
  • 费亚斯
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  1. In order to coordinate internal force calculation in algor feas , the preceding processing program and post processing program are worked out
  2. A retiming algorithm fam which based on simple retiming is introduced in the paper , the time computation complexity of the algorithm is better than the classical algorithm feas
    本文在基于简单重定时的基础上提出了一种重定时算法fam ,此算法的时间计算复杂度较经典算法feas有所改善。
  3. Experiment is carried out to verify the theory of this paper . what ' s more much feas are carried so as to deduce a formula to see if the theory is correct
  4. The research focus concentrates on the use of feas as a cold cathode source for microwave power amplifiers or flat panel displays . now silicon and molybdenum are the most popular materials used for tip field emitter arrays
  5. In this paper , the practical model for calculation torsion is set up in algor feas , which is 3 - d girder element model with rigid arms . the model is better used to calculate the effect of deviation load

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