fault angle meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "fault angle" in a sentence
  • 断层角
  • fault:    n. 1.过失,过错;罪过,责任。 ...
  • angle:    n. 〔古语〕钓钩;钓具。 a br ...
  • fault angle valley:    倾块盆地
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  1. The preferences are analyzed , pipe ’ s parameters such as depth , thickness , pipe diameter , and mechanical property of material ; soil parameters such as soil types , internal friction angle , pipe - soil interaction ; fault ’ s parameters such as fault types , fault throw , fault drop , fault - pipe angle , mechanical property of material ; load types such as gravity force , linear displacement load , seismic load and seismic wave . some conclusions are drawn from the calculating results : when buried pipes cross fault , pipe ’ s embedded depth should be shallow , and big pipe diameter and thick wall should be selected . avoid the site where fault moves severe , and select suitable pipe - fault angle

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