fault alarm meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "fault alarm" in a sentence
  • 故障报警
  • 故障警报
  • fault:    n. 1.过失,过错;罪过,责任。 ...
  • alarm:    n. 1.惊慌,恐慌。 2.警报,急 ...
  • fault alarm signal:    故障报警信号
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  1. Application of voice synthesis msp50c32n about fault alarm system
  2. It has the function of fault alarm for power line broken
  3. Then the dissertation expounds the main management functions and realizing technology of control system , including real - time control , tasks scheduling , fault alarm , nc , craft data management and data acquisition , etc . finally , the dissertation presents shaped equipment prototype system integration as well as important technologies such as test technology , interfered signal and fixed pid algorithm
    然后,论文重点论述了控制系统的主要管理功能及其实现技术,包括实时控制、任务调度、故障报警、 nc代码生成、工艺数据管理以及数据采集等。最后,论文给出了成型设备原型系统集成及其测试技术、信号干扰以及pid算法整定等工程实现的重点。
  4. It includes : dynamic show of technics flow , real time data acquirement and show , history data save and print , fault alarm , etc . the plc control system mainly accomplishes the wastewater technics flow control , harmonizes the logical relationship among local intelligent control instruments and transmits the state of each local equipment to the industrial computer simultaneously , the plc control station receives the control commands from the industrial computer ; the local intelligent units take charge of the correlated parameters measure , disposal and control , and it will transmit the related parameters to the computer , etc . in this thesis , introduced municipal wastewater treatment technics , the integrated application program development of computer , the design method of plc control station , the communication between plc control system and computer , and the network of wastewater treatment with profibus - dp was also discussed
    上位计算机主要实现远程监测和管理功能,具体包括:工艺流程动态显示、实时数据获得及显示、历史数据存储与打印、故障报警等功能plc控制系统主要完成工艺流程控制以及协调现场各智能仪表之间的逻辑关系,将现场各设备的运行状态通过通讯网络传输到上位计算机,并接收上位计算机的控制指令;现场各智能仪表单元负责各相关参数的监测和处理、控制,并将有关参数送往上位监控计算机进行处理、保存等。本文以莎车污水处理项目为例,介绍了城市污水处理工艺、上位监控计算机的综合应用程序开发、城市污水处理自动控制系统plc控制站的设计和采用profibus系列中广泛应用于现场设备的profibus - dp总线。
  5. A pressure transducer was set up in this system to realize pressure control in main lines and adjustment of pump operating time ; the distributors were designed to accomplish grease storage in fixed quantity and transport them into all lubricating points ; the single chip microcomputer was utilized to control interval lubrication and realize auto - lubricating or fault alarm

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