famous for meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "famous for" in a sentence
  • 差得远
  • 以...著称,因为...而出名
  • 以出名
  • 以…著称,闻名;驰名
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  • famous:    adj. 1.有名的,出名的,驰名的 ...
  • be famous as:    当...有名; 作为….而著名; 作 ...
  • be famous for:    以出名; 以…而闻名; 以…而著名; ...
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  1. The canyon is famous for producing echoes .
  2. You are famous for converting celebrities .
  3. He was famous for the swiftness of his movements .
  4. The french are famous for their cooking .
  5. His language is also famous for its colour .

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