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  • 忠实于原文的译文
  • faithful:    adj. 1.忠实的,忠诚的;贞节的 ...
  • translation:    n. 1.翻译;译文;译本;解释;说 ...
  • be faithful:    单一性伴侣


  1. This paper , with the yang ' s peculiar and faithful translation of the culture - bounded furniture and decorations as example , aims at an elementary analysis of the translatability and untranslatability of culture and the translators ' translation strategies as well
  2. A faithful translation , however , should not be confused with a literal translation , the fidelity of a translation not excluding an adaptation to make the form , the atmosphere and deeper meaning of the work felt in another language and country
  3. The thesis comes to such a conclusion that in order to keep up with the development of times , one of the essential factors is to have a good knowledge of translating , however , an understanding of the basic nature of language should be the first and essential step towards faithful translation

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