extended deployment meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "extended deployment" in a sentence
  • 国外基地部署
  • extended:    adj. 1.伸开的,展开的。 2. ...
  • deployment:    布署; 和发布; 建置; 开伞; 展 ...
  • extended as:    经……引伸而成为
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  1. Kyle brown : why you need websphere extended deployment
    Kyle brown谈为什么你需要websphere扩展部署
  2. In websphere extended deployment , we configure servers on
    在websphere extended deployment中,我们在节点组中的
  3. What is asymmetric clustering in websphere extended deployment
    什么是websphere extended deployment中的非对称群集?
  4. Enabling logging of autonomic tasks in websphere extended deployment
    启用websphere extended deployment中的自主任务记录
  5. Websphere extended deployment attempts to manage many of these decisions for you
    Websphere extended deployment试图为您管理许多此类决策。

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