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  • 表达克隆[通过进行基因表达而克隆目的基因的方法
  • 表达克隆化
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  1. In our study we have cloned the osd gene from s . typhimurium by pcr , characterized the gene product and used this gene to construct asd + expression cloning vectors ptrc99a - asd
  2. Conclusion constructed the high - level expression clone of echistatin in e . coli . the expression of recombinant protein is higher , it make the further study of echistatin feasible
  3. In the first part , the focus is to find the receptor molecules directly by screening two cdna libraries with a recombinant construct prpap or as an alternative , to find an enriched area in the embryo brains and construct libraries from this brain region and perform the expression cloning as above
    方法: ( )以融合蛋白prpap通过瞬时表达克隆法筛选两个cdna文库,或者通过与胚胎脑的结合实验筛选有丰富结合蛋白的脑区,以图构建cdna文库并进行表达克隆的筛选。
  4. Objective : construct high - level expression system of echistatin in e . coli methods : obtain amino - acid sequence of echistatin from genebank database . considering the bias of usage of 61 available aminoacid codons in e . coli , design the coding sequence of echistatin , synthesize the dna sequence chemically , get single copy coding gene and repeated two copy coding gene of echistatin . insert the sequence into expression vector pbv220 , and more , we construct fusion expression clone of echistatin with pcr , identify the recombinant vector by dna sequencing
    目的构建蛇毒锯鳞蝰素( echistatin )的原核高效表达体系方法由genebank数据库检索蛇毒锯鳞蝰素( echistatin )的氨基酸序列,结合大肠杆菌蛋白质合成体系对氨基酸密码子使用的偏爱性,设计了echistatin编码基因,体外人工合成编码基因dna片段,通过适当的限制性内切酶位点插入表达载体pbv220 ,分别构建了echistatin的单拷贝表达克隆、双拷贝串联表达克隆;进一步通过pcr技术构建echistatin的融合表达基因克隆。

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