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  • 出口手续
  • export:    n. 1.输出,出口。 2.出口货; ...
  • formality:    n. 1.拘泥形式,拘谨。 2.礼节 ...
  • formalities:    正式手续
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  1. Only after a license for the export of psychotropic drugs is issued to them can they go through export formalities
  2. However , some trade terms require that the buyer handle export formalities and others require that the seller handle import formalities
  3. This term should not be used when the buyer cannot carry out the export formalities directly or indirectly . in such circumstances , the fca term should be used , provided the seller agrees that he will load at his cost and risk
    在买方不能直接或间接的办理出口手续时,不应使用该术语,而应使用fca ,如果卖方同意装载货物并承当费用和风险的话。
  4. An ephedrine export enterprise must , in applying for export formalities , present the import license issued by the government of the country , region or the agency entrusted by the government of the country , region in which the foreign import firm is located and the original of the contract to the ministry of foreign trade and economic co - operation , upon examination and approval of the ministry of foreign trade and economic co - operation , submit it to the office of the national anti - drug leading group for international verification , and upon confirmation as legal , be issued an ephedrine export license by the ministry of foreign trade and economic co - operation

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