export first meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "export first" in a sentence
  • 出口在先
  • 输出 为先 的 对开 信用证
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  1. Back - to - back credit export first
  2. As for the distribution channel policy , both haier and konka entered the u . s . market by export first and then by overseas production . on the u . s . market , they both conducted the selective distribution policy
  3. The haier digital television product successively obtains “ the chinese market digital television first brand ” , “ the chinese user degree of satisfaction index investigation ” first as well as “ the best design achievement award ” , “ most is worth purchasing the prize ” and so on the honors , and the continual three year independent digital television brand exports first
    海尔数字电视产品先后获得“中国市场数字电视第一品牌” 、 “中国用户满意度指数调查”第一以及“最佳设计成就奖” 、 “最值得购买奖”等荣誉,并连续三年自主数字电视品牌出口第一。

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