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[ iks'perimənt ] Pronunciation:   "experiment" in a sentence   "experiment" meaning
  • n.
    实验;试验;尝试 (of). a scientific experiment 科学试验,科学仪器设备。 a new experiment in education 教育上的新尝试。 experiment farm 试验农场。 experiment station 试验站。 make [try] an experiment on [in with] 做…实验。 prove by experiment 实验证明。
    [-ment , -mnt]vi.
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  1. His whole mind was trying out the experiment .
  2. Experiment is the final arbiter in science .
  3. He tried one experiment after another .
  4. They experimented three times on the seed .
  5. Experiments are not totally unequivocal as yet .

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