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  • experience:    n. 1.经验,体验。 2.见识,经 ...
  • abroad:    adv. 1.到处;四处传开,流行。 ...
  • by experience:    凭经验
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  1. This method was in part influenced by my experiences abroad
    这是我在海外执教生活带来的经验。 ”
  2. The apparent reasonableness of a higher goal was increased by comparison with the experience abroad
  3. Her experience abroad inspired her and she made up her mind to create a new kind of tv station for chinese viewers
  4. Absorbing experience abroad and making best price policy combining the domestic situation is an issue faced by the stockbroker companies
  5. In reference to successful experiences abroad on the basis of a sound legal system of our anti - money laundering specific recommendations

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