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  • 未清偿债务
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  1. Can african countries grow fast enough to meet existing debt obligations and maintain adequate domestic investment ?
  2. Finance repay existing debt
  3. Suddenly the flow of easy credit dried - up and large amounts of existing debt turned bad
  4. The company and its shareholders plan to raise between hk $ 704 to hk $ 1 , 030 million to expand the bus and metro advertising businesses , grow the new street furniture business , further develop the printing and media inventory management system and repay certain existing debt
    公司及其股东计划筹集704 , 000 , 000港元至1 , 030 , 000 , 000港元,以扩展其巴士及地铁广告业务,发展街道设施广告业务,并进一步开发印刷及媒体存货管理系统,及偿还部份现时债务。

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