exercise-induced meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "exercise-induced" in a sentence
  • 运动诱发
  • exercise:    n. 1.(精力等的)运用,使用;实 ...
  • induce:    vi. 1.劝诱,诱导,敦促。 2. ...
  • induced exercise:    诱导练习
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  1. Research development of exercise - induced immunosuppression
  2. Semg signal complexity and entropy changes during exercise - induced local muscle fatigue
  3. Relationship of exercise - induced skeletal muscle damage and myocardial damage to troponin
  4. The treatment for acute exercise - induced ankle sprain by eight - convergent points and centro - square needling
  5. Research on intervenient effects of glutamine and arginine on exercise - induced immunosuppression

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