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  1. Comments on american war against iraq from the perspective of american exceptionalism
  2. Russians do not suffer from a sense of exceptionalism , but neither do they consider their analytic abilities and ideas inferior to those of others
  3. Early american history has long and variously been dominated by the concept of deference , notions of american exceptionalism , and an insistence that colonists were unified in their fight against the british
  4. The author believes that the american political culture is mainly composed of the following three elements : the american dream - individualism , equality and the right to pursue happiness ; the american exceptionalism ; and the pragmatic tradition
    通过分析美国的历史、宗教等相关方面,作者认为美国政治文化主要包括三个要素,即美国梦(个人主义,平等和追求幸福) 、美国例外论以及务实传统。

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