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  • 特殊井
  • 特殊油井
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  1. There is , for example , praise for our exceptional well - preparedness for the year 2000 and strong support for our continuing adherence to the linked exchange rate system
  2. 2 , the applications of exceptional well data : the response characteristic of the imaging logging data and acoustic wave train logging in lian - 150 well are analyzed to identify the interval that fracture growing and the fracture occurrence in these intervals
    2 、特殊测井资料的应用:深入分析了成象测井资料,声波全波列测井资料在联150井上的响应特征,分析出裂缝较发育和裂缝发育层段,并对有裂缝发育的层段进行了裂缝产状的识别。
  3. Since there is few core data and logging data in this area , the lian - 150 well is selected as the standard well that has imaging logging data which is combined with few core data to establish the fracture identified mode with bp neural network and gray system theory . it makes the satisfied effect of the muti - well interpretation and solves the problem of the absence of the exceptional well data and the difficulty of fracture identification

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