ever-increasing meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "ever-increasing" in a sentence
  • 不断增长的,持续增长的
  • 不断增加的
  • ever:    adv. 1.〔表示否定、疑问和比较 ...
  • increasing:    adj. 增加的,增大的。
  • ever increasing:    不断增加的


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  1. There is an ever-increasing need to link communications systems on various continents .
  2. The roll erection system now comes into play and provides an ever-increasing torque about the pitch axis .
  3. This is a reflection that has often recurred to me since that night, and with an ever-increasing force .
  4. To the west of thirteen states stretched limitless lands into which settlers were now pushing in ever-increasing numbers .
  5. The addition of matter over this critical value would lead to the collapse of the star without limit because of the ever-increasing gravitational forces .

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