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ET =eastern time 〔美国〕东部时间。

〔拉丁语〕 和,以及 (=and)。 et al. 1.=et alibi. 2.=et alii. et seq(q). =et sq(q). =et sequentes [sequentia] 以及下列等等,参看以下某句[某页] (=and those that follow)。
  • -et:     -et1 1.〔主要加 ...
  • a et:    资产
  • et it be:    让它去吧
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  1. Now we must cope with a wide array of environmental pollutants including gases, particulates, sewage and et al .
  2. Nayak et al. (1965) studied the immunocytologic and histopatholgic development of experimental swine influenza virus infection in pigs .
  3. Severe splenic engorgement with enlargement was commonly noted in south african cases by steyn(1928), deknock et al. (1940)and others .
  4. Carnaghan et al(1967)and smith and hamiltion(1970)have described marked strain variations in susceptibility of chickens to aflatoxin .
  5. Schnurrenberger et al offered serologic evidence of infections with the swine influenza virus among swine producers, veterinarians, and slaughter house workers .

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