escape slide meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "escape slide" in a sentence
  • 充气滑梯
  • escape:    vi. 1.逃走,逃亡;逃脱,逃逸; ...
  • slide:    vi. (slid; slid, 〔 ...
  • slide escape:    太平滑梯; 逃生滑梯
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  1. Verification regulation of tu - 14 escape slide test unit
    Tu - 14型紧急滑梯测试仪
  2. The hkcad submitted five papers covering the latest cnsatm systems developments in hong kong , regulation of air traffic services in hong kong , emergency escape provisions - doors and escape slides deployment programme , backup air traffic control centre and tower at the hong kong international airport , and the proposed theme topic for next year

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