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  • 剌猬
  • 猬属
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  1. A comparative study on the lactate dehydrogenase isozymes in tissues of erinaceus dealbatus and three species in colubridae during hibernation and activity period
  2. A water soluble crude polysaccharide in the cells has been isolated from the zymogen thread of hericium erinaceus pers . after the crude polysaccharide has been deamylumized by the combined methods of enzyme and sevage , the four graded component - hpa , hpb , hpc , hpd - would be abstracted by the method of ethanol grading
    从猴头菌( hericiumerinaceuspers )发酵菌丝体中提取出胞内水溶性粗多糖,经酶法和sevage法联合脱蛋白后,用乙醇分级法分离出hpa 、 hpb 、 hpc 、 hpd四种级分。

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