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  • 等效电抗
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  1. Analysis of the equivalent reactance of triplex winding transformer
  2. Kc of each higher mode in ridge waveguide is a very important parameter , once kc is obtained , the wavelength , phase constant , phase velocity , waveguide wavelength , equivalent reactance , equivalent admittance and so on can be obtained simply . then ridge waveguide devices can be designed based on these paremeters . in view of the widely use of ridge waveguides , the research of kc is very important in practice
    由于脊波导中主模及各高次模的kc是一个很重要的参数,求出了kc ,可以很简单地求出、相移常数,相速、波导波长、等效电抗、等效导纳等等,求出这些参数后就可以用各种方法设计脊波导元器件了。

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