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  • 环境义务教育


  1. Chapters : air pollution , water pollution , contaminated land , solid waste disposal , environmental impact assessments , marine pollution , natural resources , clean renewable energy , sustainable development , environmental due diligence , and environmental enforcement
  2. In the special action of investigating and punishing the violation of environmental laws , the environmental departments in the whole country have organized 380000 environmental enforcement staff to inspect 140000 enterprises and have inspected and punished 12000 enterprises
    在查处环境违法行为专项行动中,全国环保系统共出动执法人员38万人次,检查了14万个企业,立案查处企业1 . 2万个。
  3. Here you can get research reports and executive summaries on land use policy , public participation in environmental decision - making , biodiversity , air quality , public health , hazardous waste and brownfields , wetlands and watershed policy , international environmental policy , environmental management systems , and environmental enforcement

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