environmental accidents meaning in Chinese

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  • 环境事故
  • environmental:    adj. 1.环境的,环境产生的。 ...
  • accident:    n. 1.故障,事故,偶发事件;偶然 ...
  • accidents:    惊兆; 事故; 意外情况; 意外事件


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  1. Monitoring support in emergency treatment of suddenly environmental accident
  2. The big emergency environmental accidents need a good legal system
  3. Report environmental accidents and incidents and participate in their investigation and corrective actions
  4. The goal would be to have insurers compensate victims of environmental accidents , avoid bankruptcy by the polluting company and lessen the government ' s financial burden
  5. China still averages one environmental accident every two days , despite a number of high - profile crackdowns on polluters . could a stronger movement take on the dangerous alliance of money and power

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