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  1. Entailment is the converse of the relation of logical consequence .
  2. 35 ian horrocks , peter f patel - schneider . reducing owl entailment to description logic satisfiability . in proc
  3. The incorporation of ontology and rdf forms the knowledge base . that can support some limited inference according to rdf entailment rules
  4. Abstract : it briefly introduces three basic formalizations of concept learning learning from interpretation , learning from entailment ( learning from partial interpretation ) and learning from satisfiability and discusses the reduction relation among the basic concept learning types
  5. In so far as it is necessary for our purpose , we shall deal with these points in the following chapter , wherein certain necessary propositions of a general nature will be proposed and the interrelations of the aforementioned orders will be studied with a view to discerning any necessary entailments or lack thereof that may exist between them , for all this has a great bearing on what will follow

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