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  • engineering:    n. 1.工程(技术),工程学。 2 ...
  • level:    n. 1.水平仪,水准仪;水准测量。 ...
  • engineering’s:    技术部门
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  1. Promoting plant and maintenance engineering level of the state people enterprise by draw on the experience of foreign enterprise
  2. This trade inject capital into heavy , high starting point products , engineering level and equip and occupy and in a leading position at home , large quantities of products have filled in the domestic blank
  3. The company ' s derection is to innovate constantly and make improving the engineering level of our country packs as our own duty . so that we can develop our company and service our customers more better
  4. Company tenet : to be trusted by all circles with precise and well - knit work style , excellent personnel making , leading engineering level , first - class product quality and circumspect after - sale service
  5. Drawing it base on the premise that the engineering level is certain , there are strong relevant relations between system and the industrial structure , industrial structure change initiative because of judgement that system improves

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