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[ in'dɔ:smənt ] Pronunciation:   "endorsement" in a sentence   "endorsement" meaning
  • n.
    背书;保证,承证。 endorsement in blank 无记名式背书。 endorsement in full 记名背书。 endorsement to order 指定背书。 endorsement without recourse 无偿还背书。 qualified endorsement 有条件背书。
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  1. Her son has had two endorsements for speeding .
  2. The endorsement was lost .
  3. If a blank endorsement is made, the holder of the b/l has the right to take delivery of the goods .
  4. Not only is the amount in excess of the maximum sum the bank can loan any individual legally, but it is absolutely without endorsement or security .
  5. Frequently asked questions about transfer of endorsement

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